Top 5 benefits offered by MasterCard Gold credit card in France, 2020

By banqo.fr

Updated on: 10 May 2020

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MasterCard Gold credit card is the premium product of MasterCard Incorporated, a major technology and global payments company. It comes in a large variety of forms, catering for each consumer’s needs and income. A lot of banks in France offer this credit card and each of them decides what benefits and rewards to offer to their clients. What all these cards have in common, regardless of the issuing bank, is that consumers can use them at any business that accepts MasterCard cards.

What are the most interesting benefits offered by the French banks?

1. Travel insurance

You are fully protected during your vacation against unexpected events related to your travel plans or with your luggage (Zero, Banque Casino), or even with medical assistance or repatriation (Zero, Société Générale, HSBC)

2. Don't bother to find cheaper elsewhere

With the price guarantee facility, you have access to the best price guarantee for all your purchases; if you find cheaper elsewhere, the difference will be refunded. On top, you may accumulate loyalty points while you make your regular purchases (Banque Casino)

3. Enjoy your purchases in total safety

You have access to the purchase guarantee facility which covers your purchases for 30 days in the event of accidental damage (HSBC)

4. Unlimited free cash withdrawals

You need cash? Use any bank to withdraw cash and you won't pay any fees (ING). Sometimes, this benefit may be limited to the euro zone (Banque Casino, Société Générale) or within the network of the bank (HSBC)

5. Payment flexibility

Not only you can customize the standard payment ceilings according to your personal situation, but you also can chose to pay back the used credit at your own pace (HSBC, ING)

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