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How can the teens in France use the payment cards?

Posted on: 12 Mar 2021

In the last years, the banks have diversified their services and they have created cards specifically designed for teens. With such cards, the parents can allow the teen a number of financial operations which will increase their freedom to operate, while the teens will acquire from early age the financial literacy which will help them later to undertake more complex financial operations. But first, what are the conditions for a teen in France to get access to a payment card?

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The current account in France. What can you do with it?

Posted on: 23 Feb 2021

The current account is the simplest account one can get access to in her/his relation with the bank. If you are a private individual or associated in a business, in France you are guaranteed the right to open a current account and operate different transactions with it; the Bank of France can oblige the bank to open a current account if the minimum legal requirements are met.

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Loans in France

Posted on: 01 Feb 2021

Since almost forever people needed money to procure goods and services, in order to fulfill their needs. Given that in general, people’s needs exceeded their actual capabilities to acquire those goods and services, banks have appeared in our societies to provide the missing resources and they have evolved to be generally accepted as institutions that can supply the money for people’s and companies’ needs.

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Banque Casino becomes FLOA

Posted on: 18 Oct 2020

Banque Casinos has become FLOA. This is not only a marketing move, but also a strategy shift for the bank. With this move the bank intends to become the leader of “paiements fractionnés” in France, be more active at international level, and become the leader of this market in Europe.

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Current account: 4 practical things about it in France, 2020

Posted on: 16 Oct 2020

It is the account where one receives the salary or pension, the account from which one makes any sort of payments and the account from where we withdraw money at ATMs. But what is so specific about this type of account and what made it so popular?

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