Top benefits offered by Visa Premier credit card in France, 2020

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Updated on: 18 Jun 2020

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The Visa Premier credit card is the premium product of Visa Incorporated, a leading global technology and payment company. The card is very versatile and meets the diverse needs of users and is adapted to the income of each consumer. Many banks in France offer this credit card and each decides the benefits and rewards to offer customers. What all of these cards have in common, regardless of the issuing bank, is that consumers can use them at any store that accepts Visa cards.

What are the most attractive advantages offered by French banks?

Travel insurance

Medical assistance or repatriation in the event of an accident

Are you worried about having medical problems while traveling abroad? You don't have to be. Among the Visa Premier advantages, the extended medical assistance or the repatriation in the event of the unexpected are the most important. (Bforbank, Societe Generale, HSBC).

Travel insurance

Are you concerned that your travel plans may be subject to change due to unforeseen events? You should not because:

  • Comprehensive baggage protection during your travels is one of the most important Visa Premier advantages. You benefit from an allowance of up to € 400 including tax for your essential expenses (clothing, toiletries).
  • You benefit from compensation of up to € 5,000 per year if you have to cancel or modify your trips (BforBank, Société Générale).


Civil liability abroad in the event of damage caused to a third party

In the event that you produce damage while traveling abroad, you are covered by the insurance offered by the Visa Premier credit card up to € 1,525,000 (Bforbank, Société Générale).

Damage or theft of a rental vehicle

Are you afraid of damaging a rented vehicle or having the vehicle stolen during your trip? You don't have to be. The insurance policy covering such situations is part of the Visa Premier (Bforbank) advantages.

Take advantage of the specific benefits offered by Visa partners

You have access to a wide range of Visa Premier advantages, discounts such as on car rental or ski equipment, offered by partners of the Visa Premier network (HSBC, Société Générale). What are the main benefits?

Rent a car with a Visa Premier credit card

When you rent your car in France, you can benefit from a discount of up to 25% if you pay directly at the agency; you can also benefit from an additional 10% discount on your warranty costs if you pay in advance.

Traveling with a Visa Premier credit card in France

France is a very beautiful country and Visa Premier makes you discover all its beauties. You can benefit from a reduction of 7% for your holidays in France all year round if you book them with travel agencies registered with Visa. You can visit the Visa website for more information.

Go shopping with the Via Premier card

Whether you are looking to create memories of your vacation, go to a movie or just want something special, Visa partners will offer you great discounts:

  • 8% reduction on your e-tickets in Pathé Gaumont cinemas
  • You can get gourmet gifts up to 30 euros in the chic chocolate shop La Maison du Chocolat, where chef Nicolas Cloiseau creates his irresistible chocolate collections
  • 20% reduction on your Plasir Gourmand gift box from the famous Dalloyau gastronomic boutique
  • 15% reduction, without minimum order restriction, on the Cheerz app and the website

Your registration in the Visa Premier area is required to take advantage of the offers, because they are only reserved for holders of a Visa Premier card. Once you have your Visa Premier card, you can create your profile on their website.

Benefit from a 30-day purchase guarantee

You have access to the purchase guarantee, which covers your purchases for 30 days in the event of accidental damage. This is valid for you and for your family members (HSBC).

Access to your accounts, even those held in other banks

Do you have accounts with several banks and want to follow them from a single platform? Some banks have included this option and it is part of the Visa Premier benefits. (Boursorama).

Unlimited free cash withdrawals

Do you need money? Use any bank to withdraw money and you will not pay any fees. Sometimes this advantage may be limited to the euro zone (Bursorama, Société Générale,) or within the bank's network (HSBC).

How can you take advantage of Visa Premier benefits?

All Visa Premier advantages, including partner offers, can only be accessed from the My Visa Premier card section. Your bank may also be available to provide more information on these benefits. Contact details are listed on the back of your Visa Premier card.

How to assert insurance guarantees?

The insurance guarantees are valid if:

  • the payment (ticket by public transport, rental vehicle or other service according to the guarantee concerned) was made using the Visa Premier card before the occurrence of the disaster (event likely to trigger the application of one of the guarantees),
  • your trip, whether private or professional, is more than 100 km from your home or your usual place of work within the limit of the first 180 consecutive days,
  • the persons affected by the claim have the quality of insured.

How to claim assistance guarantees?

The assistance guarantees are valid if:

  • if you are the holder or the family of the holder of the valid Visa Premier card. The declaration of loss or theft of the card does not suspend the guarantees,
  • during the first 90 days of the trip,
  • without mileage allowance.

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