qonto One Mastercard

qonto One Mastercard

qonto One Mastercard
  • Qonto Plus insurance compensates you up to €450 if your trip does not go as you planned.
  • If upon arrival at your destination, your luggage is missing, Qonto will compensate you up to €850.
  • Qonto One covers your medical expenses, repatriation and legal assistance abroad.
  • Your card insures you in case of damage to the rented vehicle.
  • Purchases with your Qonto card are worry-free with an automatic extended warranty.
  • If your card was used fraudulently Qonto compensate you.
  • You can lock your card temporarily for more security.
  • You can define and protect your PIN as you wish.
  • You can manage permissions, withdrawal and payment limits, that fit your needs in real-time.
  • You benefit from 3D-Secure technology for your online payments.


108.00 euros/year
Not available
on qonto's secure website

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