Floa Bank MasterCard Gold

Floa Bank MasterCard Gold

Floa Bank MasterCard Gold
  • Loyalty 2% accumulated on Casino and Cdiscount purchases and 1% on payments made anywhere else
  • The FloaBank's MasterCard Gold credit card allows you to earn cashback on your purchases, more info on floabank.fr
  • Free withdrawals in the euro zone
  • Travel insurance, leisure, shopping, loss and theft insurance for your card
  • Contactless payments up to € 50
  • Best price guarantee for all your purchases; if you find cheaper elsewhere, the difference will be refunded.
  • Apple Pay - pay for purchases with your iPhone
  • Priceless Mastercard Program , up to 15% discount on your purchases on partner sites: clothing, IT, travel, beauty, home ...
  • The Cdiscount credit card is linked to an annually renewable credit. It can be used to pay from the current account or on credit at the time of payment.
  • With the Cdiscount card, you can pay several times in CD or casino stores, or spread out your payments, more info on floabank.fr


54 euros/year


  • Insurance
  • Best deals
  • Free withdrawal
  • Fidelity bonus
  • Pay back in installments
  • Purchase protection
  • Warranty
  • Discounts
  • Cash back
  • Cash reserve

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