N26 Mastercard

N26 Mastercard

N26 Mastercard
  • You have access to a free Mastercard debit card, accepted worldwide
  • You can use your app to set daily spending limits, lock or unlock your card and reset your PIN anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • You can make bank transfers for free using N26 MoneyBeam in real-time – send, receive or request money from your contacts listed in the N26 app, or to new ones with just an email or phone number
  • You can send money in 19 different currencies using the Transferwise feature and save up to 6 x more than you might with traditional banks—no hidden fees, no bad surprises
  • You can make transactions securely with the 3D Secure (3DS) technology from Mastercard SecureCode
  • You can receive push-notifications immediately after all transactions, including card and mobile payments, ATM withdrawals, direct debits and transfers
  • Your N26 bank account lets you easily lock your card in the app, reorder it with a tap of a button, or simply unlock again
  • You can open your N26 account only by identifying yourself with your fingerprint
  • You can automatically categorize your spending, N26 uses artificial intelligence to automatically categorize your spending
  • You can view your transaction list or export and download it as a CSV or PDF file
  • You can very easily open an N26 free bank account from your smartphone or computer
  • The Customer Service team can help you in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Contact them via email, or connect via chat with an N26 expert right through your app


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