bunq Business SuperGreen Mastercard

bunq Business SuperGreen Mastercard

bunq Business SuperGreen Mastercard
  • For every €100 that you spend, we’ll plant a tree in your name
  • You go greener with Metal credit card which uses 50% less plastic and has a 50% longer life than a regular plastic card
  • Set aside VAT automatically. For every incoming and outgoing payment we calculate the correct VAT amount, and transfer it to your designated VAT sub-account
  • You save time finding old receipts. You can connect bunq with the apps you use for running your business and automate all your daily tasks
  • You end manual bookkeeping by setting up a direct connection between bunq and your bookkeeping software
  • You can open as many sub-accounts as you want. Each comes with its own IBAN, so you can use them for direct debits, online payments and your cards as well
  • You pay invoices without any manual input. You scan an invoice and the bunq app will fill in all payment details automagically, also with giro collection forms


239.88 euros/year
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