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Banque Casino MasterCard Gold

    Apply now
    on Banque Casino's secure website


    54 euros/year


    • Insurance
    • Best deals
    • Free withdrawal
    • Fidelity bonus
    • Pay back in installments
    • Purchase protection
    • Warranty
    • Discounts
    • Cash back
    • Cash reserve
    • Loyalty 2% accumulated on Casino and Cdiscount purchases and 1% on payments made anywhere else
    • Free withdrawals in the euro zone
    • Welcome offer 30% in Casino voucher or up to 30% discount on the 1st Cdiscount order
    • Travel insurance, leisure, shopping, loss and theft insurance for your card
    • 4 times free commission payment all year round at Casino
    • Contactless payments up to € 30
    • Best price guarantee for all your purchases; if you find cheaper elsewhere, the difference will be refunded.
    • Apple Pay - pay for purchases with your iPhone
    • Priceless Mastercard Program , up to 15% discount on your purchases on partner sites: clothing, IT, travel, beauty, home ...

    Zero MasterCard Gold

      Apply now
      on ZERO's secure website


      0 euros/year


      • Insurance
      • Pay back in installments
      • Free credit cards
      • Cash reserve
      • A free Gold Mastercardsans card
      • Free credit up to 6 weeks, for payment of all of your purchases upon receipt of your statement
      • No need to change banks
      • Travel accident insurance
      • Trip cancellation insurance
      • Theft and damage insurance for rental cars
      • Medical assistance and repatriation
      • Coverage of medical costs and hospitalization abroad
      • Legal assistance abroad
      • Replacement driver
      • Assistance for injuries related to winter sports

      Orange VISA Premium


      96 euros/year


      • Insurance
      • Free withdrawal
      • Discounts
      • 5% cash back on your purchases at Orange
      • Free payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world
      • Benefit from a complete range of insurances(cancellation or modification of your travels by plane or train, delay/modification/cancellation of plane or train, delay of your luggage, civil liability abroad)
      • In the event of vandalism, theft or accident, the franchise of your the rental car insursance will be reimbursed
      • Increased security with dynamic cryptogram

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      Nice website it helped me find my first credit card - Michel Loris

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